AXEL | Deluxe Bundle 8x9oz

AXEL | Deluxe Bundle 8x9oz
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This is the 9oz Deluxe Bundle package, comes with eight jars, great for large dinners and parties. It will set the tone and show all your guests that you don't like cutting corners or running out of the goods. This bundle is also perfect for gifting to many individuals. Your family and friends will love receiving this as a present, demonstrating your good taste, great mannerism and compassion for your community. This bundle should be good to last you a while and can really make an impact in your community.


If grease capping occurs, don’t worry! Since Chimichurri is made from very natural ingredients, it’s normal for this to occur. Just remove metal lid, and place in microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and enjoy!


The main ingredients come from specially-selected suppliers from Texas and Argentina. Every APC product is taken care of from the start, from socially responsible growers to skilled APC employees. Since we take care of our products so carefully, we are able to deliver the tastiest and healthiest options for our clients. Chimichurri is naturally vegan and does not contain any GMOs or preservatives. 


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