Chilean Empanadas

Serves 30 Empanadas
2 Days


Serves: 30 Empanadas


AXEL Ingredients

-AXEL Chimichurri of your choice

-AXEL Seasoning of your choice


-5lbs of Flour

-2 Eggs for dough

-2 Eggs for egg wash

-2 Sticks butter

-4 Tablespoons Salt or to taste (mix in hot water)

-.75 Liters hot water

-4oz of White wine

-(Or, buy premade Empanada dough from store) 

Pino (stuffing):

-12 Sweet Onions

-2 lbs of Chopped Top Sirloin (not ground)

-1 Cups raisins (optional)

-5 Eggs for hard boil (cut into quarters)

-2x 12 Ounces of Pitted Black, drained

-4 Tablespoons of AXEL Seasoning of your choice or to taste

-2 Tablespoon of Olive oil to brown meat

Paprika, cumin and chili powder


-Grill or Stove top


-Big bowls

-Small bowl

-Rolling pin

-Measuring equipment

-Olive oil/Pan spray

-Parchment paper

-Baking trays

-Salt & Pepper

-Food brush



1) Dice onions, place in bowl.

2) Dice/Chop meat and place in bowl, add seasoning.

3) Place diced onion on pan with 1 cup of water, add AXEL Seasoning of your choice, for 15 minutes. Drain after.

4) Meanwhile, cook chopped seasoned meat in skillet, add salt and pepper to taste. 15 minutes.

5) Add onions and meat together in skillet and cook low-medium heat for 20 minutes or until onions are translucent.

6) Let sit over night to marinate properly.


1) Place flour in big bowl, shape like volcano.

2) Add salt to hot water, set aside.

3) Whip the eggs, and add to volcano and white wine. Mix well.

4) SLOWLY add melted butter and warm water, incorporating slowly.

5) Once dough is uniform, take out of bowl and knead until it’s smooth texture.

6) Cut big dough ball in two pieces, roll out one piece and cut into 15 pieces. Place other big piece under lightly damp rag. 


1) MISE EN PLACE: Clean surface, place Pino bowl, water bowl, egg wash bowl+brush, hard-boiled eggs, rolling pin, and dough on table.

2) Roll out to have circular pieces 8in in diameter.(Pro-tip: Invite people to help, roll out a bunch so the back-and-forth is minimized)

3) Place Pino in rolled out dough piece. Add about 4 tablespoons or 1/3 of the size of the empanada. Make sure to leave Pino 1in away from edge of dough. Add 1 quarter of hard-boiled egg per empanada.

4) Gently dip fingers in water bowl and surround edge of dough. Bring over excess dough to seal empanada as a semi-circle shape. Very firmly press the dough together with care. (Pro-tip: firm place and seal edge 3-4 times, while finishing the last time by making sure the two edges are tightly sealed).

5) Dip fingers in water bowl and now cover the semi-circle empanada. Fold the top half of the semi circle down 1 inch (not the Pino filled side). Gently press. Now, fold the two sides inwards as well 1 inch. The pointed edges that meet (the horn/spike looking part of the empanada) need to be twisted quarter turn.

6) Lightly brush egg wash on top of empanada and place on tray with baking paper.

7) Repeat process until all Pino is gone. (Pro-tip: beginning baking as you complete sets of trays)

8) Bake for 375 degree oven until golden.

9) Make sure to enjoy with some Chilean red wine and your favorite AXEL Chimichurri sauce. (Pro-tip: Wrap individually and store in freezer for later. Wrap in parchment paper and then aluminum)

10) Serve and Enjoy Yourself :)

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