Chimichurri Roasted Root Salad

Serves 1-2
Salad, Vegetarian


3 TBSP AXEL Provisions Traditional Chimichurri 

2 TBSP Coconut Oil

2 Purple Carrots 

2 Orange Carrots 

1 Parsnip 

1 Beet 

1 Radish 

1 Cup Spinach 

1TBSP Olive Oil 

1 Parsley to garnish



-Cutting Board

-Chef Knife

-Baking Tray

-Large Bowl


1) Preheat oven to 400

2) Wash all veggies

3) Chop carrots, parsnip & beet in thick slices

4) Use coconut oil to grease them & roast for 15-20 min

5) Combine olive oil & chimichurri in a bowl 

6) When the roasted veggies are done toss them & your chimichurri mixture in a large bowl until they are well coated 

7) Serve over spinach & sliced radish

8) Garnish with parsley!

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