Latin American Creole Salad

Serves 4
Simple, Eye-catching


- AXEL Provisions Latin American Spicy Seasoning

- 1 Large Red Bell Pepper

- 1 Large Green Bell Pepper

- ½ White Onion

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil


-Chef Knife

-Cutting Board

-Large Bowl


1) Wash bell peppers and let dry.

2) Remove top, stem, seeds and white lining for each bell pepper.

3) Carefully slice the bell peppers thinly long ways, then dice them into tiny cubes.

4) Carefully dice the white onion into tiny cubes.

5) (Pro Tip: dice all veggies ¼” by ¼”)

6) Place all diced veggies in salad bowl.

7) Liberally sprinkle Latin American Spicy Seasoning

8) Dress salad with olive oil, and add salt to taste

9) Serve and Enjoy Yourself :)

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