Latin American Sautéed Broccoli

Serves 1-2
Vegetarian, Simple


-AXEL Provisions Latin American Spicy Seasoning

-1 Broccoli Crown or Collie Flower Crown

-Cooking oil/Olive Oil or Cooking Spray


- Stovetop or Oven

-Baking Tray (oven)

-Foil (oven)

-Pan (stove top)


1) Clean and cut veggies to desired size.

2) If sautéing, place a tablespoon of oil or use cooking spray. Turn on stove to medium heat. Place veggies in large pan and add Latin American Spicy Seasoning.

3) Toss/stir every 2 minutes or until tender.

4) If roasting, turn oven on to 400F. Place foil on large tray and spray with cooking spray. Place seasoned veggies on tray leave for 20 minutes or until tender.

5) Serve and Enjoy Yourself :)

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