Pork Carnitas Tacos

serves 8
9 Hours


-AXEL Provisions Spicy Chimichurri

-AXEL Provisions Seasoning (Latin American Spicy or Mediterranean Herb)

-7-9lbs Pork Shoulder with bone

-3 Oranges

-3 Lemons

-3 Limes

-8 Garlic cloves

-Corn tortillas (as needed)


-AXEL Provisions Spanish Onions (flavor of your choice) or White Onion



-Stove top + Oven

-Big metal pan



1) Remove Pork Shoulder from case/bag and wash under sink. Pat dry and place in big metal pan.

2) Turn on oven to 275F. Meanwhile, cut citrus fruit in halves and squeeze juice over Pork Shoulder. Throw fruit skins around the pan. Sprinkle your choice of AXEL Provisions Seasoning (to taste).

3) Cut slivers on top of Pork Shoulder. Squeeze in peeled garlic cloves.

4) Place metal pan with prepared Pork Shoulder in oven. Let roast for 8 hours.

5) Once Pork Shoulder is ready, remove from oven.

6) Chop enough cilantro and white onions. Prepare AXEL Provisions Spanish Onions (garnish) and AXEL Provisions Spicy Chimichurri (sauce).

7) Gently tear apart Pork Shoulder. Add desired amount to skillet and blast on high heat for 2-3 minutes.

8) Warm up tortillas.

9) Let the taco making being :)

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