Skewered Verde Shrimp

Serves 3-4
Skewers, Seafood


-AXEL Provisions Verde Chimichurri

-3lbs of small shrimp

-1 pack of cherry tomatoes

-Optional Garnish: Lime or lemon


-Grill or Stove top


-Big Bowl

-Skewers (metal or wooden)


1) Fire up grill if cooking outside.

2) Clean shrimp, and wash the cherry tomatoes

3) Place clean and dry shrimp and tomatoes in bowl, add desired amount of AXEL Provisions Verde Chimichurri and toss bowl allowing food to get covered in sauce.

4) Place shrimp and tomatoes on skewers

5) If grilling or sautéing, place skewers on medium heat, rotating every 6-7 minutes or until desired results.

6) Once cooked to liking, place charred skewers on platter. (Pro Tip: Garnish with lime or lemon)

7) Serve and Enjoy Yourself :)

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