Spanish Onions


Spanish Onions

Variety Pack


The AXEL Provisions Spanish Onions Variety Pack is one of our best sellers. Includes one Latin American inspired Spanish Onions, Pickled Sweet Onions with Jalapeño and Pickled Red Onions with Habanero. Great on everything. Crunchy and flavorful.

All jars come in 16oz. jars and become a bold display in one's home or as a gift.

Spanish Onions

Pickled Red with Habanero


AXEL Red Spanish Onions burst with Central American flavor. During surf trips through the Pacific coast, mainly consisting of eating small bites and thirst-quenching cerveza, restaurants would place spicy onions and habaneros together with our salsas. It’s a classic Central American touch that compliments your tacos and sandwiches, while spicing things up just enough to make you go catch another refreshing wave.

Spanish Onions

Pickled Sweet with Jalapeño


AXEL Sweet Spanish Onions is like our Red Spanish Onions, only these use jalapeños and have a slighter sweeter profile, for those who prefer to go gentle on their taste buds. As one ventures south into the Americas, the red onions seemed to disappear, replaced by sweeter onions. We see these as the long board of Spanish Onions—a sweeter, more relaxed vibe.





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