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What product categories do your products fall under?

Our entire line calls under these product categories: Sauce/Condiment/Marinade, Pickled Goods, Seasonings/Rubs, Durables.

What store categories do your products fall under?

Our brand falls under these store categories: Natural, Center Store, Grocery.

Where is AXEL Provisions located and where is its warehouse?

We’re based out of Houston, Texas.

Do you have national distribution?

Yes, we have national distribution. We also deal with direct shipping.

Do all your products and manufacturing procedures comply with FDA and have been tested?

Yes, we comply with all FDA, State and Federal laws.

Are your products shelf stable, and for how long?

Yes, all of our products are tested and shelf stable. Expirations vary with certain products, but all are at least 9 months.

How many products per case?

We offer 6-packs and 12-packs.

What’s your production and delivery lead-time?

2-4 weeks.

Do you use any artificial flavoring or artificial preservatives?

No. We’re making healthy and natural foods, not chemical lab experiments.